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Welcome to EventsPRO, the result of the merger of professionals dedicated to organizing events of all kinds, where professionalism, personalized attention, sector expertise, and creativity converge.

Excellence commitment

Our commitment is to provide excellence in all our services, offering clients technical guidance, the assurance of a talented and dedicated team of professionals, and utilizing state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and technology.

Discover how we transform events into unique experiences

With an innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail, we turn your ideas into memorable experiences, ranging from exceptional corporate events to unforgettable immersive and interactive exhibitions spaces.

Francisco Díaz

A professional with 25 years of experience, our founding partner began his career as a senior sound technician, and expanding his training and experience, he made a qualitative leap into the video discipline, where he has also become an undisputed great specialist. He masters systems such as DISGUISE, Barco EVENTMASTER, WATCHOUT, ANALOG WAY among others, in which he is our operator and programmer, carrying out the designs and programming of immersive rooms and operating the most demanding events both nationally and internationally.

David Vaca

An old school teacher, our founding partner began his journey more than 25 years ago. With an unstoppable career, his dedication and meticulousness when dealing with any job, make this video specialist a key piece in all our projects. From technical production to the operations of systems such as Barco EVENTMASTER or ANALOG WAY, as well as PROJECTION AND MAPPING technologies, there is nothing that can resist it. His work knows no borders, leading EventsPro to excellence both nationally and internationally.

Carlos Torres

Great professional with a spectacular career and experience. He is an excellent Illuminator at the level of the most demanding events. Specialist and operator of Grand MA2 / MA3 or MADRIX systems. It is always a quality detail to have him in any job for any client.

Daniel Palacios

Despite his youth, Dani always brings professionalism and seriousness to any event.

Video Specialist, operates systems such as WATCHOUT or Barco EVENTMASTER with safety and good work. A luxury to have him on our team.

Javier Urbaneja

Professional with an impressive career, Head of the video team at some of the largest events in Europe, this LED screen specialist always provides us with additional security, making adjustments with total solvency in the face of any technical deployment.

Omar Mejías

All-round A/V professional, specialized in video with long experience in BIG TOURS, EVENTS and MUSICAL PERFORMANCES around the world and covering different positions, especially having a good knowledge of both audio and video signals and familiar with a wide range of brands. Professionalism working in close contact with the client, with a positive attitude and seriousness when working.

Eduardo Calderón

Responsible for computer and IT services at EventsPRO, he is an experienced Systems Administrator and Web Application Server Manager. With a proven track record in the implementation and maintenance of technological infrastructures such as Apache, Nginx or Microsoft IIS, their collaboration guarantees the safe and optimal operation of computer systems, being key to promoting excellence in our technological services.


We have an extensive network of experts in all areas of audiovisual. This network allows us to tackle events of all sizes.